"‘Poor’ villagers can’t be considered charity cases: They are consumers who spend $30 billion a year on kerosene fuel, and untold billions more to charge their mobile phones. They aren’t asking for hand outs, they are demanding more efficient energy solutions."

– Patrick Walsh, CTO and Founder

Huge income drain

The world’s poor spends a staggering US$ 40 billion annually for their energy needs. This equals 10 to 25% of their precarious monthly household budgets on dirty fuels like kerosene (source).

Staggering health risks

In South Africa alone, 79,750 very young children unintentionally ingest kerosene. It is the primary cause of child poisoning in the developing world. (source).

Many uneducated children

Studying in dim light from kerosene lanterns has an adverse effect on a child’s eye sight. Often children drop out of school or fail to achieve even a passing grade (source).

Our Vision

10 million homes by 2016

Greenlight is on a mission to improve millions of lives with clean energy solutions. We have started by replacing Kerosene Lanterns with Sun King Solar Home Lights.

Benefits Of Using A Sun King

man with son holding a Sun King

Increases Incremental Savings

Kerosene fuel savings

Kerosene fuel savings Sun King enables huge incremental savings by replacing regular fuel consumption. Use of Kerosene Lamps costs USD 120-600 over 5 years. A Sun King Lamp costs only USD 10-50.

Cost of kerosene lamps
over 5 years =
USD 120 - 600

Sun King customers make a one-time investment with no additional cost, just some free sunlight.

Savings on mobile charging fees

Kerosene Lamp Owners: 10-20 cents a charge Sun King Pro Owners: FREE, charging port is part of the lamp. Most mobile phone owners need to charge their phones at least 10times a month and more frequently as the battery life reduces over time. Mobile charging costs upto USD 2 and sometimes even more. Sun King Pro helps remove this burdensome cost for our customers.

Is built to last

A highly durable product with a life of almost 5 years, Sun King Lamps fare exceptionally well in quality tests. The batteries are better than any other used in Solar Lamps with a capacity to keep going on! The lamps are built using industrial grade materials for increased resilience and sturdiness in a design that ensures convenience and versatility with its detachable solar panel, rubber gaskets and adjustable steel stand.

Gives brighter light

Sun King Lamps are up to 10X brighter than Kerosene Lamps. Children enjoy studying under its bright dazzling light. Household activities are conducted without a strain. People can work longer and are more productive, increasing their earnings.

Reduces health risks

Reduces health risks– In an external survey by Planete d’Entrepreneurs it’s been reported that Sun King’s clean light favourably impacts the health of our users by reducing the exposure to toxic particulate matter released by Kerosene lamps.

Offsets greenhouse gasses

Each Sun King Lamp offsets nearly 100 Kg of greenhouse gas emissions. Burning Kerosene releases CO2 and other harmful gases into the atmosphere which a Sun King with its clean and green solar technology offsets effectively.

two men holding Sun Kings