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Greenlighters across the globe are working hard to bring innovative energy solutions to the underserved.

On a mission to deliver Energy Everyone Can Afford™

Greenlight Planet was founded by T. Patrick Walsh, a University of Illinois student who spent part of 2005 working with the charity Engineers Without Borders in rural India. He saw that the residents, users of ubiquitous kerosene lamps, were not charity cases. Rather, they were savvy consumers demanding a better product. He designed and sold the first solar-lantern prototypes in 2006 in the state of Orissa: brighter and healthier than kerosene lamps, but affordable enough so people could purchase without subsidies. The idea of Greenlight Planet was born. In 2007 Mayank Sekhsaria and Anish Thakkar joined Patrick as co-founders and three set out for India and China to make Greenlight Planet a reality with the vision that smart design, efficient engineering and innovative distribution strategies could make dirty kerosene lanterns a thing of the past.

With over 600 employees today, we are amazed at how each new team member provides a unique and innovative perspective, from new designs, to better training strategies, to more efficient logistical systems. We listen closely to our customers and to each other everyday to improve both our products and our service.

Greenlight Planet In Numbers


33 Sun King™ available in 33 countries


6,000 Sun King™ micro-entrepreneurs


630 full-time employees


100 over 100 distribution partners


290,000 tons CO2 offset


1,500,000 Households have Sun King™


7,500,000 Happy users

Top Rated Around The World

Greenlight Planet sets the gold standard for quality in product and service. Our hard work consistently gains recognition around the world.

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Doing Business The Greenlight Way

We work in developing countries with some of the world’s most challenging business and governance conditions. We believe in doing business with unyielding integrity, true to the values of our founders and the importance of our mission to foster global development. We hold ourselves, our partners and our vendors to doing business in this way—the Greenlight Way

Download the Greenlight Way.

Greenlight way


Integrity Without Exception

What you see is what you get. We work and live with transparency, integrity and honesty and conduct business lawfully, no exceptions.



We love to turn great ideas into functional reality. Come to us with an imaginative plan- we are willing to take the risks and have the practical skills to make your dreams come true.


Passion To Serve Off-Grid Families

We share a very important client base: off-grid rural consumers. Just like you, we are determined to provide them superior service and ever-rising product quality - always at a price everyone can afford. We will ensure your brand will always be equated with the best customer service.


Exellence Delivered

On time, high quality, cutting edge service and products is just the basis of what we provide our partners. We are committed to delivering excellence so that you can excel.



We recognize that Greenlight Planet’s work is paving the way for future markets. We are accountable, we are experts in our work, we are good team players with our peers and partners, and we respect all people and all ideas. We value leadership in these characteristics at every level of our organization and this keeps us at the top of our industry.



We embody a spirit of partnership because we know that two are always better than one. Our partners enable our business to achieve its goals, and we put their interests before our own in order to establish long term partnerships. If we ensure their success, they will ensure ours.